IEEEE CCECE 2014 and Cognitive Agent Simulation

This past week I attended IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE2014) in Toronto, Canada. I was there because of two papers I was a co-author on. The work was part of a side project I was involved in on cognitive agent simulation. The idea was inspired by the observation that in the spring time, many newborn animals are struck as they cross the street. Later in the year, it seems that fewer animals meet this fate. So have the animals which survived observed the doomed creates being struck, learned something about the environment, and managed to become more intelligent? We aimed to model this type of environment, and then re-create the most basic intelligence to try to replicate this behaviour with a cognitive agent.

I was responsible for implementing the simulation tool and the naiive learning algorithm which we also presented at the conference. The simulator was created in c/c++ and was designed in such a way that later on the intelligence algorithms could be swapped out, so that we could also experiment with more sophisticated learning algorithms.


Update on the Lack of Updates & PhD Acceptance

Just a quick post to let any readers know why there has been a lack of posts on the blog lately. I have been working like crazy on my thesis with the hope of completing it in the next month or so. I have also been preparing for the AINA 2009 conference I will be presenting at Bradford University in England. Also I have been working on a paper for a conference in Toronto (TIC-STH 2009 I think) with a deadline of May 1st May 31st (extended). So there’s been alot going on and not much time.