Some Useful Information for Setting Up Subversion on Ubuntu

Not a tutorial or guide this time, since everyone else seems to have this covered quite well, but thought I’d collect a few good links together in one place. Hopefully these links will be useful to someone just starting with SVN. For everyone who isn’t using some type of version control, nows your chance!

Ubuntu tutorial for installation:

Beginner HowTo (suited to WordPress plugin devs, but still good to apply to your own setup):

Multi-platform SVN client – RapidSVN:
I found this client especially useful since it works across platforms and it is lightweight and quick.

RapidSVN Screenshot

Popular Windows SVN client – TortoiseSVN:
This client is useful if you like tight integration with Windows. It shows up in the context menus and is very easy to work with.

TortoiseSVN Screenshot

A more refined web interface to svn, compared with the one provided using the initial setup.

WebSVN Screenshot

SVN on Hostmonster (or other hosts with blocked svn port, but SSH access):