Second Times a Charm?

After what seems like eternity, I have completed my second (and a half?) qualifying exam document at Guelph. For people who know me, or who have read a bit of my blog, you may know that I am on my third advisor for my PhD. The advisor I came to the University for suddenly passed away and the second advisor after that resigned right before my last QE was supposed to happen. So after starting with my third (and hopefully final) advisor, I decided to start my QE fresh so that it was something I was proud of and confident in before I presented it. For those of you who don’t know, a QE document is a sort of research proposal (<= 50 pages) of the work you intend to do for you PhD. It contains the literature review, motivation and sometimes initial results, as well as the planned methodology for the research. So anyway, I have completed the document and after several rounds of edits with my advisor it is ready and off to the committee. Here's hoping I'll make it to the exam stage this time and pass quickly so I can move on with the real work! Stay tuned for some posts that are more technical instead of these boring updates on my progress. Now that things are moving along I think I'll actually have something to post 🙂

Updates: Publications, Guelph ACM, Teaching, Thesis

Just a short post with some updates since I’ve been quite busy as usual.

I have submitted the final draft of an adaptive scheduling algorithm for wireless networks to BWCCA conference in Japan. I intend to present my findings in November.

The ACM Group I am chair of is organizing a computer programming contest at Guelph for the fall semester. We are also planning to try to field a team for ACM ICPC* Update * We have been featured in the ACM student publication crossroads:

A few days ago I found out I am the teaching assistant for CIS2030 at Guelph for the second time! I am excited to be back, and expect to do a good job since I am becoming familiar with the course.

Lastly, my thesis has been progressing slowly this semester. I am still in the stage where I am deciding where to focus my work. The general area I am exploring is heterogeneous wireless networks, however there are many problems and it is difficult to choose one to focus on. Since I worked in scheduling for my MSc. thesis, I intend to move in a bit different of a direction so that I expand my knowledge. (although I still may publish some more scheduling papers since I still have some ideas in that area)

Thesis Defense a Success!

Last Friday I successfully defended my thesis at Guelph. The room was full with lots of friends, students and faculty and everything went fairly smoothly. It definitely feels great to be done after almost two years building up to this. Today I finished the final revisions and submitted all of the copies with an insane amount of paperwork to Grad Program Services. Two to three weeks from now I should get my final bound copy of my thesis and it should soon be available online and in libraries :). For anyone interested in reading it, email me and I can send you a pdf copy.


Update on the Lack of Updates & PhD Acceptance

Just a quick post to let any readers know why there has been a lack of posts on the blog lately. I have been working like crazy on my thesis with the hope of completing it in the next month or so. I have also been preparing for the AINA 2009 conference I will be presenting at Bradford University in England. Also I have been working on a paper for a conference in Toronto (TIC-STH 2009 I think) with a deadline of May 1st May 31st (extended). So there’s been alot going on and not much time.


University of Guelph Research Day – Winter ’08

University of Guelph Research Day Winter 08

On December 2nd and 4th 2008, Research Day for the Computer Science Department at the University of Guelph is taking place. Research Day is a day where many of the graduate and some undergraduate students present research projects in various stages. For the graduate students the projects consist of initial results and proposals for thesis documents while the undergrads present results from their research projects.