Updates: Publications, Guelph ACM, Teaching, Thesis

Just a short post with some updates since I’ve been quite busy as usual.

I have submitted the final draft of an adaptive scheduling algorithm for wireless networks to BWCCA conference in Japan. I intend to present my findings in November.

The ACM Group I am chair of is organizing a computer programming contest at Guelph for the fall semester. We are also planning to try to field a team for ACM ICPC* Update * We have been featured in the ACM student publication crossroads: http://tinyurl.com/25u5vxt.

A few days ago I found out I am the teaching assistant for CIS2030 at Guelph for the second time! I am excited to be back, and expect to do a good job since I am becoming familiar with the course.

Lastly, my thesis has been progressing slowly this semester. I am still in the stage where I am deciding where to focus my work. The general area I am exploring is heterogeneous wireless networks, however there are many problems and it is difficult to choose one to focus on. Since I worked in scheduling for my MSc. thesis, I intend to move in a bit different of a direction so that I expand my knowledge. (although I still may publish some more scheduling papers since I still have some ideas in that area)

Experiences as a Computer Science Graduate Teaching Assistant

It’s almost the end of my second term of being a teaching assistant at the University of Guelph. This time around it was an intermediate c programming class. I’m really starting to enjoy being a TA, and since it was my second time, it has become alot easier and things went alot smoother. The course was the basic topics when you are learning C: arrays, dynamic memory, random access files, and some basic data structures such as linked lists, queues and stacks.