More startup news, wrapping up the PhD

So lately, I’ve been focused more on startups than I have on computer science. Probably because of the momentum I got from I got from the Guelph Opendata Hackathon, the CODE contest, the Hub pitch, entry into the Hub accelerator, Democamp Guelph, the Conestoga Centre for Entrepreneurship, and lastly the Montreal International Startup Festival / FounderFuel.

Despite this, I have been chugging away at my thesis making small incremental progress. The goal is to finish writing the dissertation by the end of summer (August) and then come back to Guelph in the fall to defend. It’s great to be reaching the end of this long process and very exciting to have so much opportunity in the future. Check back soon as I’ll likely be posting more technical computer science types of posts in the coming weeks as I try to focus on the dissertation and wrap up quickly. I’m wrapping up all the loose end projects I’ve been a part of the last couple of years and it’s going to be a sprint to the end.

Things I would do if I had more Time…

Since I’ve spent the morning procrastinating and relaxing I figured I would write small entry on what types of things I would like to do if I had more time:

  • Write a program the can predict which team is most likely to win in sports matches based on statistics of the players, teams etc.
  • Start a community-free internet access program in my neighbourhood using Wireless Mesh Network technology I am researching
  • Learn to code in a new language
  • Write a paper on Fair Scheduling & Load Balancing
  • Travel
  • Scheme on ways to make easy money so I can do the above more often