IEEE Format References & Citations for MS Word

Today I was working on my thesis / QE document and wanted to have IEEE style referencing included in my document (using the built in references features). At first I started trying to modify one of the existing templates (found in /Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office12/Bibliography/Styles) but quickly found this would take too much time. So when I googled, I found some clever people had already done the work for this. See the following two XSL styles that are based on the IEEE referencing format:

Bradley Farnsworth:


I found the second version to be what I was looking for, since the first version did something weird with the city and publisher that I wasn’t fond of. Note: if you use the second link, make sure you enter the names in the correct format or else you will also end up with weirdness…the format is: lastname1, firstname1; lastname2, firstname2; …

Note2: This was tested with MS Word 2007. I’m not sure if it works with the latest, so if you find out, post a comment!

Here is an example of what the result looks like:

IEEE Word 2007 - Example Reference Style