AINA 2009 Conference Presentation

This past week I travelled to the UK to present at my first International Conference – Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA 2009) in Bradford, UK. My presentation was on “Fair Scheduling in Wireless Mesh Networks with Multiple Gateways”. The paper for the conference was published in the main AINA conference and I presented on the first day, in the first session. It was nice to have it over with right away so that I could relax and focus on meeting as many people as possible at the conference.


Ten Practical Applications of Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks have become very popular in recent years and research in the area is very active. It is one of my main research interests while studying for my M.Sc. in Applied Computing at the University of Guelph so I thought I would write a bit about what I think are some of the most useful or interesting applications of wireless networking both now and in the future.


Fair Scheduling & Load Balancing in WMN

My research is becoming more focused as of late towards the area of fair scheduling and load balancing in Wireless Mesh Networks. Earlier this week I gave a talk in our wireless research group at Guelph on WMN: Fair Scheduling and Load Balancing which I will make available at the bottom of the post.

The presentation gave a background on why load balancing and scheduling are important in WMNs. Additionally a survey on the current problems that I find interesting in the area was presented. In case you don’t want to get the presentation / you don’t have MS Office here are the main points from the presentation: