Things I would do if I had more Time…

Since I’ve spent the morning procrastinating and relaxing I figured I would write small entry on what types of things I would like to do if I had more time:

  • Write a program the can predict which team is most likely to win in sports matches based on statistics of the players, teams etc.
  • Start a community-free internet access program in my neighbourhood using Wireless Mesh Network technology I am researching
  • Learn to code in a new language
  • Write a paper on Fair Scheduling & Load Balancing
  • Travel
  • Scheme on ways to make easy money so I can do the above more often

How to Get People to Pay for Online Music & Movies


The other day while I was doing my mindless part-time job in a warehouse, I got thinking about what bothers me about buying music online. I think I narrowed it down to at least three main reasons. The first one being, I don’t like the idea of paying for music when there is the possibility that I will lose the music if I reinstall my computer (which I do fairly often). If there was some type of guarantee that I would have the music for my lifetime after purchasing it then I would be happy to pay for it. I realize that this is greatly against what the music industry has done in the past with their switching to new media and reselling the music (ex from vinyl to 8-track to tape to cd…etc) but I think that if they could make the guarantee that the music would not be lost they could charge more, and people would be more likely to buy it (at least I would).