Website Updates: WordPress 3.0, New Theme

Just some quick news about the site, I have upgraded to the release candidate of wordpress 3.0. I chose to do this because some of the features in the new version are exactly what I’ve needed for some of my new plugin and template ideas. My favourite is the ability to create custom post types. Eventually I will use this to support a project section of my site, which will be easily be administered within the wordpress admin interface. I have also created a plugin which can grab my status off of social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. These also use the custom post types. The new template I am working on is available to view, but it may not be entirely working at this point. You can see it by clicking the white box near the search. To switch back, there is a similar button in the new template. I am planning on cleaning up the code and releases both the old and new templates to the general public. It will take some work however since the old template was quick hacked together. The new template was designed carefully, but is not complete quite yet.