The following are open source projects I have contributed to, or have released source code for. The projects are a mixture of personal projects and research projects which papers were published from.

Cognitive Agent Simulator

Cognitive Agent Simulation created to enable swapping AI and agent techniques to compare the performance. Simulator used for a variety of publications from 2012 – 2014.

Some of the publications based on this simulator include:

CODE2014 – Open Data Hackathon Winner  – “NewRoots”

In this project, the government of Canada made available many datasets and challenged people to build something which makes use of the data. We created a tool which tries to match new Canadians to cities in Canada based on factors such as climate, crime, rental prices, etc.

NS3 Simulation Modifications

Two papers created in 2010 and 2011 respectively use custom modifications of the NS3 simulator for the papers “An Online Evolutionary Programming Method for the Parameters of Wireless Networks” and “Adaptive Mixed Bias Resource Allocation for Wireless Mesh Networks“.

Wireless Mesh Network Simulator

A custom c++ simulator developed to simulate wireless mesh networks. Results from the simulator published in 2009 paper “Fair Scheduling with Multiple Gateways in Wireless Mesh Networks“.

FPGA Placement Problem Tools

This project has the source code that was developed for the two papers from 2008 aiming to help solve the FPGA placement problem. I was a co-author early in my MSc and wrote all of the code for the papers and contributed to some of the algorithmic and implementation specific details in the paper. “Customized reconfigurable interconnection networks for multiple application socs” and “Algorithms and implementation for interconnection graph problem