About Jason Ernst

Currently, I'm working on connecting the next billion people (without using infrastructure) with mobile mesh networks. Previously, I founded a robotics startup where I built middleware to enable swarm robotics with mesh networks. During my MSc and PhD, I studied wireless mesh networks and heterogeneous wireless networks. I write papers, give presentations and participate in technical program commitees of conferences and journals. I've participated in (and won) hackathons and makerfaires as a hacker and mentor / coach / speaker. I also like cycling, fishing, travelling, backing kickstarter projects & playing guitar.

About this site

This site was started in 2007-2008 as a way to record some of my thoughts on computer science and my experiences during grad school. It has evolved to include occasional guest writers and some of my tutorials on how to use tools like ns2 and ns3, some basic linux guides and other random techy stuff.

More recently, I’ve begun transitioning it to a more professional type of site since I’ve recently graduated from my PhD and have begun working. It will likely have more of my musings on research and what I’m working on day-to-day, but also keep relevant tutorials and hacks that I find useful since they were some of the most popular posts.