Ubuntu 10.04, BB Storm 9530 Tethering

  • Posted December 24, 2010. Last modified February 20, 2011 by

Some quick instructions on how to tether the Blackberry Storm 9530 in Ubuntu 10.04. (Tethering is for connecting to the Internet using your blackberry for the connection)

sudo apt-get install python libusb-dev ppp python-usb python-wxgtk2.8
wget https://bitbucket.org/tcolar/berry4all/downloads/bbtether-0.3m.tgz
tar xvf bbthether-0.3m.tgz
sudo ./berry4all.sh

Then in GUI select Modem->Connect
Then select “Bell Mobility” when prompted.

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    Hi, thank you very much for your tutorial, it’s great!.

    Also i would be very grateful if you have information about the data needed in order to get tethering with a iusacell device.

    Thank you very much

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