Research Day – Summer 2010

Tomorrow I present at Research Day at University of Guelph at 1:30pm. Here is the abstract for the presentation:

Title: Radio Resource Management in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

Abstract: Wireless networks are quickly becoming pervasive allowing users to stay connected anytime
anywhere. However, current implementations are not seamless. There are many different radio
access technologies (RATs), for example 802.11 (Wifi), 802.15 (Bluetooth, Zigbee), 802.16 (WiMAX)
and 3g cellular / mobile technologies which are not inter-operable. The aim of heterogeneous
wireless networking is to bridge the technological gap between the existing equipment and software.
When this occurs, the wireless spectrum may be used more efficiently and it is expected users will
have a better experience using the networks. Ideally, the devices should be able to select the best
RAT at a given moment in time based on some criteria, for example cost or capacity. A background
on the architecture of heterogeneous networks will be presented. Problems such as handover, radio
resource management and quality of service (QoS) will be discussed and a direction for further
study will be established.

Update: Here are the slides from the presentation for those who are interested:Research Day 2010 (pdf) – Jason Ernst

Updates: Publications, Guelph ACM, Teaching, Thesis

Just a short post with some updates since I’ve been quite busy as usual.

I have submitted the final draft of an adaptive scheduling algorithm for wireless networks to BWCCA conference in Japan. I intend to present my findings in November.

The ACM Group I am chair of is organizing a computer programming contest at Guelph for the fall semester. We are also planning to try to field a team for ACM ICPC* Update * We have been featured in the ACM student publication crossroads:

A few days ago I found out I am the teaching assistant for CIS2030 at Guelph for the second time! I am excited to be back, and expect to do a good job since I am becoming familiar with the course.

Lastly, my thesis has been progressing slowly this semester. I am still in the stage where I am deciding where to focus my work. The general area I am exploring is heterogeneous wireless networks, however there are many problems and it is difficult to choose one to focus on. Since I worked in scheduling for my MSc. thesis, I intend to move in a bit different of a direction so that I expand my knowledge. (although I still may publish some more scheduling papers since I still have some ideas in that area)