A Frustrating Experience with Chromium OS

Recently I reinstalled my laptop and was hoping to add chromium onto my multiboot setup. I can get it working with the standard USB key approach that is recommended on all of the guides, however it seems like moving it to the hard drive is a completely different story. When it is compiled from source and put on the USB key, the partitioning scheme is GUID, and I use the older MBR scheme. It seems to me the only way to get it to work together is either to use a full GUID partioning setup or use some weird hybrid or mixed scheme. From what I’ve read on other blogs, it doesn’t seem particularly easy to get Windows to work with GUID. Also when you look at what gets created on the USB disk itself, its a mess of many partitions, and I’m not particularly fond of that. Perhaps this is an artifact of the GUID scheme since I’m not very familiar with it, so maybe someone can point me in a direction on how to proceed. For now I’ve given up and will wait and hope that Google will eventually release it in a way that is easy to add to MBR :S Until then I’ll just grudgingly use the USB version since I don’t want to dedicate my entire laptop hdd to using chromium os.

*note* I’ve also tried to the hexxeh version of chromium, but for some reason it won’t boot on my laptop, and I also prefer to be able to compile from source rather than using a pre-built image.

Website Updates: WordPress 3.0, New Theme

Just some quick news about the site, I have upgraded to the release candidate of wordpress 3.0. I chose to do this because some of the features in the new version are exactly what I’ve needed for some of my new plugin and template ideas. My favourite is the ability to create custom post types. Eventually I will use this to support a project section of my site, which will be easily be administered within the wordpress admin interface. I have also created a plugin which can grab my status off of social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. These also use the custom post types. The new template I am working on is available to view, but it may not be entirely working at this point. You can see it by clicking the white box near the search. To switch back, there is a similar button in the new template. I am planning on cleaning up the code and releases both the old and new templates to the general public. It will take some work however since the old template was quick hacked together. The new template was designed carefully, but is not complete quite yet.

ICC 2010 – Cross-Layer Mixed Bias Scheduling for Wireless Mesh Networks

This post is somewhat motivated by Prof. Andrew Eckford’s post that encourages graduate students and faculty members to post more about their work on sites like Twitter. Since I attended the same conference (ICC 2010), I thought it would be good to share a bit about my presentation and my experience at the conference.

While I don’t have a video for you to watch the entire presentation, I do have some pictures, and I’ll post the paper and slides I presented in case any one is interested. If you have any questions feel free to post on here or email me directly and I’ll be happy to answer any of them.