Back after a long hiatus!

  • Posted August 21, 2009. Last modified February 21, 2011 by

Well after a long break from writing in my blog I am finally back! (Thanks Eddie for the encouragement to post again! haha) If you have been paying attention to my projects page you will have seen a blackberry GPS tracking tool ( that I created. This summer I got a chance to test it out across the country as I went on a 42-day cross Canada road trip.

I used the tracking tool to record my locations along my trip. I was surprised to find that Telus did not charge me roaming charges for using data all over the place which was great! Anyway after my long rest, I am back and will be hopefully posting some more technical computer related topics again soon. I arrived home to find myself working on a website contract for my consulting company (, a book chapter with some colleagues and some other small websites for some friends. So as soon as I finish all of that expect more on my blog (oh and classes start in Sept. for my PhD! so I will likely post content related to those)

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