CIS Career Night @ University of Guelph

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On January 28th, the Computer Science department at the University of Guelph is having their annual Career Night. It’s being put on with the help of CISters and some other campus student groups. I attended one of these events last year and met some really interesting people. Anyone who is at Guelph and can attend should definitely go! At the career night, many alumnus of the computer program at Guelph are invited back to the school to share their experiences and to answer questions about their career since graduating.

University of Guelph, Science Complex

The people I met last year ranged from successful entrepreneurs to those just climbing the corporate ladder to those who were in more of a management position in the company. Talking with the people can also be an important connection that could help you find a job more easily when you finish at Guelph as well! The night runs from 6:30 until 8:30 pm. Here is a Facebook event you can check out for more information:

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    Hey there. I’ve been searching for some decent computer science blogs to hear about some computer science news or career paths. I’ve found your blog and subscribed via rss.

    Anyway, I’ve got to do a project with a group in class over anything really..we’re learning about the life cycle of software(Design phase,Analysis phase, Implementation phase, etc.). I was wondering if you had any good idea’s for any type of software projects that could be done.


    Hi Kevin, thanks for the comment.

    I did a similar project in my undergrad where the entire class was involved in some way. We implemented an emulation tool for the m68k processor with emphasis on the life cycle of software.

    As for ideas for you, I suppose it would depend on your team size, you could do some kind of online store system, a warehouse inventory control system, or something larger like our class did. A good place to ask for some ideas might be the forums at Often people ask similar questions in there and the users are generally really helpful.


    Hi… i’m very glad see this blogspot, this blog is just ineffable and amazing i liked it very much.
    i’m student of BTech in NITK Surathkal,India in Information Technology 3rd year……. i really wanted to know more about current IT field and i wanna do some good projects and i know these language Java,Mysql,PHP,C#,C could u please guide me .. how to handle the projects and i’m expecting good suggestion…..please help me
    my mail


      Hi Chandan,

      Well its difficult to give a list of potential projects since it depends on what you are interested in. A good place to start might be looking for open source projects which are often looking for talented people like you to contribute. Another place you could look is a popular computer science message board here in Canada: (often the people on this site have great ideas for projects or are looking for collaborations). One way I usually come up with projects is by reading as much as I can about areas in Computing that interest me. Often you will come up with ideas on extending existing work to include more functionality or new features, or you will just have new ideas altogether. Always try to imagine how you could make things better or how you could use your knowledge in computers make something easier for people.

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