Guest Article: 5 Blogs and Sites for All Things Wireless

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I recently received a request for a guest contribution to the blog from Kelly Kilpatrick so I thought it would be a nice change to have some content from someone other than me. The article is a compilation of some good sites for the latest on wireless technology and news.


5 Blogs and Sites for All Things Wireless

Guest Contribution by Kelly Kilpatrick, October 14th, 2008

As wireless technology continues to advance, it is good to stay informed on the latest technologies, advances, and setbacks related to this convenient technology. However intricate or superficial, these blogs are out there to keep you informed (to one degree or another) regarding the latest and greatest developments in the world of wireless technology.

Engadget: For the latest news and analysis on a wide variety of wireless products and new innovations, engadget has you covered. Read about new hardware and WiMax-compatible products, as well as other developments that are in the works when you visit engadget.

Network World: The contributors at Network World are fully dedicated to finding out everything they can when it comes to the world of wireless. Read comparison reviews, find out the latest news in wireless technology, and learn more about what companies are doing to meet the ever-growing demand for better, faster wireless technologies.

Wireless Week: Wireless Week has several contributors dedicated to keeping the blog up-to-date and fresh. Browse through their substantial archives or look at their latest news and commentary regarding wireless technology. Keeping track of what’s going on in this constantly-evolving segment of computing technology just became a little bit easier with Wireless Week.

WiMax News: To stay current with the latest in this rapidly-growing wireless technology sector, visit WiMax news regularly. Troubleshooting, news, reviews, potential security threats, and much more can be found with a quick search. To stay ahead of the curve, take a look at WiMax News.

MuniWireless: A visit to this particular site will give you a wealth of knowledge related to wireless technology advances and setbacks around the world. Delivering information and articles prolifically, the folks at MuniWireless are certainly in touch with the latest happenings when it comes to wireless technology.

This post was contributed by Kelly Kilpatrick, who writes on the subject of dial up internet. She invites your feedback at kellykilpatrick24 at gmail dot com

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