Cluster Computer Case Suggestions?

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So I’ve recently come across a bunch of free computers and I’ve decided to try to hook them together to form a beowulf style cluster for running some of my simulations on since I think I can modify the code to be parallel. I have tested all of the computers and have them spread across my basement floor however I seem to have a problem. I need a way to enclose them into some sort of case or storage area. I don’t want to use wood and have been exploring some kind of plexiglass or similar material without much luck. So far the best idea I’ve seen has been the “Microwulf“.

microwulf clusterMicrowulf Cluster

Anyway, until I start to actually build thing I have decided that I would try to get suggestions through this blog and maybe through some forums on what materials I could use to get these motherboards organized in a reasonable way. (Note: I have extremely limited handyman type skills and a low budget since I’m a student.) Keep in mind that I need a way to not only house the motherboards but also power supplies, a couple of switches and maybe some hard drives. I have 15 working computers so far and do not want to use the standard pc cases because I don’t want a wall of computers in my house. Feel free to offer up any suggestions and check back soon for pictures of the progress!

Update: I have added a project page for the SCrappy Cluster

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