PerWin Research Group @ the University of Guelph

Today I completed the listing page for all of the presentations our research group PerWin at the University of Guelph has made in the last year or so. PerWin stands for Pervasive Computing and Wireless Networking Research. The group is directed by my advisor, Dr. Mieso Denko and has several graduate students who are active research members in the group. We have given presentations on topics ranging from Wireless Mesh Networks protocols, Autonomous networks, Fair Scheduling, Load Balancing, RFID, Wireless Security and much more. We have also had special invited talks by several faculty members from various Universities around Ontario (Ryerson, UOIT).

reynolds building, computing department, university of guelph

Reynolds Building @ University of Guelph where PerWin meets regularly

Check out the schedule page here for the list of presentations, presenters and topics. There are also listings of many of the websites for the presenters which may be a good resource for people interested in our work. If you are a faculty member interested in giving a talk contact Dr. Mieso Denko at the University of Guelph.


Cluster Computer Case Suggestions?

So I’ve recently come across a bunch of free computers and I’ve decided to try to hook them together to form a beowulf style cluster for running some of my simulations on since I think I can modify the code to be parallel. I have tested all of the computers and have them spread across my basement floor however I seem to have a problem. I need a way to enclose them into some sort of case or storage area. I don’t want to use wood and have been exploring some kind of plexiglass or similar material without much luck. So far the best idea I’ve seen has been the “Microwulf“.