Distributed Screen Saver Project

A couple of days ago while trying to stay awake while my simulations ran for hours, I came across this website: Electric Sheep. It seems like a really cool idea. It is a “distributed screensaver” that makes use of genetic algorithms to progress and improve itself. If the people who are using the screensaver press a button they can rate the screensaver good. This is then used as part of the fitness function in the genetic algorithm allowing the good screensavers to be carried along into the next generations.


Ontario College / Uni Students get Free Money!


Not exactly related to computer science, but I thought it would be a helpful post anyways to anyone who might be an Ontario student reading this blog…

I just found out today from Guelph that full-time Ontario College and University students can apply for a textbook / technology grant worth a $100. It may not sound like much but free money is free money and the application takes all of 10 seconds online. That sounds like a pretty sweet hourly rate to me (plus I’m a broke college student myself). Here’s the link if anyone is interested: https://osap.gov.on.ca/eng/eng_osap_main.html. Just click login and look for TTG. According to the FAQ it doesn’t require any proof of financial need or any proof you’ve actually spent the money on textbooks so it’s pretty much no strings attached. For more information about it visit this link: https://osap.gov.on.ca/eng/not_secure/plan_grants_full_sepapp_ttg_12345.htm