Blackberry GPS Tracker

  • Posted June 24, 2009. Last modified February 21, 2011 by

This project was created in anticipation of a road trip across the country that I a took in July – August 2009. It was designed for a BlackBerry 9530 which comes with a built-in GPS unit and I though it would be cool to be able to track my progress across the country. The Blackberry sends periodic GPS updates to the website which uses a database to keep track of the data it receives. The data is then overlayed onto a Google Map which is then used to determine distances to major landmarks around the country. See a sample of the project here: Current features include:

  • Co-ordinate tracking
  • Remote database storage of co-ordinates (minimal use of device memory)
  • Mapping of co-ordinates onto Google maps via a web interface
  • Basic statistic collection (average speed, time to destinations etc.)
  • Geographic Photo Gallery
  • User Comment System
  • Simple Visitor Tracking
  • Tested on Blackberry Storm 9530

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